Friends for 19 years, business partners for the last ten, Meagan Good and Tamara Bass have decided that enough was enough. Both respected actresses in their own right, each discovered a mutual frustration amongst the quality and quantity of work available to women of color. Instead of complaining, or worse yet, quitting, they decided to pool their shared love together and create a “movement”.


The two decided to team up when it was discovered that Tamara, having always been a “closeted” writer, had penned something, that the two of them, could star in together. Meagan, having just gotten her feet wet in the producing arena with the critically acclaimed Miles From Home, fell in love with the idea and felt that with their combined talents and resources, they could prove a force to be reckoned with. They quickly teamed with a couple of other friends and formed their first production company, Freedom Bridge Entertainment. Although that venture didn’t pan out, the duo discovered they worked well together and could fuse their kinetic energy to create something long-lasting and sustaining. So, Krazy Actress Productions was born. Armed with a couple of feature film scripts, they were ready to hit the town running. But proving to people that they could both handle the directing responsibilities, and were capable producers,  presented a bit of a challenge. Once again, they combined their creative juices and came up with the idea that of a web series, to introduce the world to what they were capable of. All That Matters was that brain child. Partnered with WorldStar Hip Hop and Sway Calloway, as their first venture into scripted content, All That Matters, went on to garner over 25 million views across all five episodes of the show.


Having now proven themselves as providers of quality content, Krazy Actress is hoping to now make their mark in the feature film world. It is the hope and mission of the company to not only explore opportunities for them as actors, but are also seeking out vehicles to produce, with the hopes of introducing the world to the next wave of talent, as part of their overall journey.