Sundays in Fort Greene - feature film

Set in Brooklyn, Sundays in Fort Greene, tells the story or the Sunday sisters, Brigitte and Greta, and the complicated relationship they share with their mother Marian. It explores how the fingerprint that our parents puts on us, can carry throught to adulthood, and have a lasting impact, especially in our personal relationships. A true art-house film.

Goodbye to Yesterday - feature film 

What happens to fatherless daughters? What do they grow up to be? Goodbye to Yesterday attempts to answer the question. Teresa Baker hasn't has a meaningful relationship with her father for as long as she can remember. On the day of her beloved grandmother's funeral, Teresa and Carver Baker come face to face, and must deal with the demons of their past to embrace their future. Through tough conversations and some devestating events, both realize that in order to live the life that was designed for them, they must say goodbye to yesterday,